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Kashmiri & Sons 



Types of Project 



 Haldwani, Khatima

Kashmiri Sons Garment Showroom

Kashmiri and Sons is a family-owned retail store chain with a rich legacy spanning several generations. The business is led by four brothers and their father, who hails from Khatima, Rudrapur, and Haldwani, and now has a presence in Dehradun.

We had the privilege of undertaking a turnkey project for Kashmirir and Sons, where we were responsible for the complete interior design of their stores. Our team meticulously designed every aspect of the project, from the materials used to the execution of the design.

We transformed their stores into three major areas: a display area, a flaunting area, and a stock maintenance area, all of which were executed with precision and attention to detail. We replicated this design for their two stores, each of which is 15000 sq ft in size.


At every level of the project, we aimed to create an atmosphere that not only resonates with the brand's legacy but also creates an immersive and engaging experience for custom


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